Syllabus content areas of Social Studies of Science and Humanities Society enacted for the preparatory course in Bachelor of Education School Rendah.Bidang includes Humanities and Social Sciences that studies the human interaction patterns in different cultures. In an effort to create well-being as a society, we need to integrate the disciplines of Sociology, History, Economics, Geography, and Political Science to make this study comprehensive and closely linked to the life of mankind.

Studies in this field to explain the importance of understanding the norms of social life and regulations must be established and the social roles that need to be strengthened. Through this area recognizes the importance of the individual to interact effectively to create a responsible society, harmonious, united, democratic, progressive, and always thankful for God's blessings.

Knowledge in the discipline of geography will strengthen the understanding of the existence of human and environmental interactions and understanding how we need to maintain and preserve the well being and maintain their sustainability for future generations.

Patriotism and love of country must be cultivated and nurtured in the soul of every citizen. Knowledge of the history of statehood will be able to build and develop a strong identity. It is appropriate for students exposed to the basic theory of political science to see the connection with the current political system.

In creating a stable life, people need to carry out economic activities based on our limited resources and technologies that are always competitive. In this connection should be studied on the efficiency of managing resources to meet human needs and interests are not limited. Various types of economic systems and the role of government in addressing economic problems for social stability can be achieved is disclosed to the student. To create awareness of regional cooperation in the economic and environmental care will strengthen the importance of positive interaction among people as members of society at all levels.

The course also provides opportunities for students to link theory with contemporary issues that arise and the interaction of society and suggest some solution.


Social Studies Curriculum of the preparatory course aims to provide an understanding of the development of community life in the context of time, space, economic, and political will to establish social harmony, progress, and have a rational thought in decision-making. This is done through a balanced interaction with the community and the environment to the well-being, national, and world.


Social Studies Curriculum is designed to enable students to:

i. linking the disciplines of Social Studies of everyday life of individuals and communities;

ii. enhance understanding of the social system through the culture and values ​​to create a multi-ethnic society of national integration;

iii. linking the country with a history of nation building;

iv. environmental incidents relating to the social and economic development of society;

v. explain basic economic principles and economic activities associated with social development and nation building;

vi. applying knowledge of environmental education in the life and

vii. cultivate a spirit of patriotism.


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